My name is Michelle and I am a wife and mother of two beautiful teenage daughters. Like every family, we have had ups and downs that take us to the edge of crazy and back in a matter of minutes it seems. However, there are seasons of turmoil beyond what you can handle and you need help. This is where Jeff and his team at Sky Ranch Behavioral Services entered the journey with us. We needed help with our oldest daughter and establishing relationship skills that we were lacking. Jeff and his amazing team patiently walked us through a very difficult time and helped us learn how to be better people, parents, and family. Words cannot express our gratitude. In so many ways I am grateful, because I know our “problems” are nothing compared to some of the issues we could have faced, but we needed help and Jeff and his team were there. With the guidance of the staff at Sky Ranch, we have become a happier and healthier family and have learned to related to one another in a positive way! Thank you Jeff, Sammie and staff for your support and commitment to our family! You are each  amazing people placed in the perfect place to help others!