On August 29th, 2015 there was a dedication ceremony at Camp Crook, SD honoring the Sky Ranch Memorial.

The following words were spoken from Jeff Johnson during the ceremony to honor what used to be Sky Ranch For Boys.

“On a more personal note, I have been truly honored to have spent the last 26 years of my life with Sky Ranch For Boys & Sky Ranch Behavioral Services. Under the guidance of the SRF, I have been truly moved and inspired to be part of the generosity and commitment to the tradition of yesterday, the wisdom of tomorrow and to carry on the philosophies and ideals of the founders. SRF seeks to insure that the highest quality of services will continue to be available for future generations. I want to thank the SRF for your untiring and devoted service to our mission.”– Jeff Johnson

14A_Jeanie_Kusie_of_Johnson_Brothers,_Ralph_Aguera,_Peg_Donovan,_George_McCarthy,_Dori_Bryant,_Jeffrey_Johnson[1] 13_Former_Sky_Ranch_for_Boys_Pastor_Milton_Douglas_closing_the_ceremony_with_a_blessing[1] 10_Chairman_George_McCarthy_at_Dedication_Ceremony[1] 9_Dedication_Ceremony[1] 9_Dedication_Ceremony[1] 8_Sky_Ranch_Memorial--letter_from_former_student_Troy_Touchstone[1] 7_Sky_Ranch_Memorial[1] 6_Sky_Ranch_Plaque[1] 5_Sky_Ranch_Memorial[1] 4__7_miles_out[1] 3_30_Miles_out[1] 2_Dori_Bryant,_Ralph_Aguera,_Glen_Marshall,_George_McCarthy,_Peg_Donovan[1] 1_Glen_Marshall_Boys_&_Girls_Club_of_Rosebud_with_Ralph_Aguera[1]