The Sky Ranch Behavioral Services provides services to male and female juveniles and their families prior to placement in an effort to eliminate the need for out of home placement and also to reintegrate juveniles returning home from placement, keeping the family intact and youth from new or further involvement in the out of home placement system. Sky Ranch Behavioral Services reintegrates clients back into the community, removes client’s from detention back into the home and provides services to the families and youth to ensure that the youth remain in the home with their families. All services will be available on an on call basis 24 hours a day/365 days a year.
Sky Ranch Behavioral Services provides diversion monitoring services to the families and clients, parenting classes which include positive consequence giving, relationship building skills, and providing the parents with guidance and structure that they need to be positive productive parents, prevention program for clients academic performance, establish educational role models, establish job opportunities, provide credit recovery, education on filling out employment applications, creating mock interviews, writing resumes, taking clients to job interviews and enrolling clients into job training. Sky Ranch Behavioral Services provides community support services and structure and guidance that the youth are lacking in the home, community, and school. Clients are also required to utilize daily journals to help with goal setting, behaviors, communication and relationships, while improving outcomes of the goals and objectives.

Sky Ranch Behavioral Services provides problem solving groups which is held twice a week every week in the Sky Ranch office. Goal setting group is implemented into the problem solving groups to establish goals and objectives from the clients treatment plan. Activities that are taught and practiced during these groups are as follows: social skill development, communication skills, anger management techniques/skills, money management, family skill development, sexuality, alcohol and drug awareness prevention, etc. Sky Ranch Behavioral Services also provides a study hour during the school year to help improve the clients ability to function in school, complete homework, and obtain passing grades.



These intervention services are designed to improve skills associated with the impact of behaviors, and mental illnesses. They are always offered as part of a comprehensive clinical treatment plan.


  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
  • Social skill development
  • Interpersonal relationship skills
  • Communication skills
  • Executive (shifting cognitive set/organization and planning/separating thoughts and emotions
  • Language processing (emotional vocabulary)
  • Emotional regulation
  • Cognitive flexibility


INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY SERVICES: Weekly, the staff of Sky Ranch Behavioral Services will meet with the client in the home or in the Sky Ranch office, Services with focus on positive communication, problem solving, & skill development. The primary focus will be on individual support and guidance in the areas of behavior, interpersonal relationship skills, internal control development, family relationship skills, etc.

PARENTING CLASSES: Parenting classes will be held as needed for parents willing to participate. Parenting classes are support groups and classes to help the parents develop positive skills and techniques to effectively deal with the child’s behaviors.

GIRLS GROUP: Group will be held in the Sky Ranch office weekly. Problem solving group will educate the clients on social skills, communication skills, sexuality, drugs and alcohol intervention, anger management skills, family skill development, money management, etc.

FAMILY MEETINGS: Family meeting will be held as needed to review the client’s and family’s needs and expectations. The Sky Ranch staff will assist the parents in developing and enforcing logical consequences for negative behaviors.